Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alexander Gerlach, 德国科隆大学临床心理学与心理治疗系

Time: 12月5日周四 下午15:00-17:30

Venue: 哲学楼103

Abstract:  Thirty years ago, Social Anxiety Disorder was considered the “forgotten anxiety disorder” given that it had only been introduced 10 years earlier into the DMS (III) for the first time. 2019, a myriad of treatment options have been developed and for clinicians it can be difficult to navigate which treatments to use when. Based on an analysis of the core issues in the formation and maintenance of this debilitating disorder I will highlight some more commonly used (i. e. CBT according to the Clark and Wells Model) and some less commonly used forms of cognitive behavioral treatments for social anxiety disorder. Specifically, I will include treatment options when bodily symptoms are of personal concern for the patients (i. e. blushing, sweating, and trembling) and will highlight some lesser known behavioral interventions that empirically are highly effective but are much less commonly used.

Host: 钱铭怡教授