Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alexander Gerlach, 德国科隆大学临床心理学与心理治疗系

Time: 12月4日周三 下午15:00-17:30

Venue: 哲学楼103

Abstract:  In recent years, interoception has received increasing attention in the scientific community. However, surprisingly, consensus on its meaning is as yet not fully established. Against this background I will introduce the various concepts that have been put forward for the term interoception, will explain and illustrate the most common and lesser known ways of how to assess interoception comprehensively. In the second part I will give an overview of a number of studies from my research group looking at the consequences of aberrant interoception for various mental disorders such as somatic symptom disorders (chronic pain disorder, illness anxiety disorder), anxiety disorders (social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder) and physical disorders (i. e. tinnitus).

Host: 刘兴华研究员