Speaker:  Edward C. Chang, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Social Work University of Michigan.

Time: 10:00 July 20,2018 

Venue: Room 1115, Wang Kezhen Building

Abstract: Findings from empirical studies over the past three decades have highlighted the importance of perfectionism as an individual differences variable that has been reliably linked to maladjustment (e.g., depressive symptoms, anxiety). However, most of the studies conducted on perfectionism have been based on using European Americans or Whites. Little is known about the function of perfectionism in other groups. In the present talk, I will present findings from two recent studies conducted in our lab. Findings from one study are predicated on using a top-down approach to studying ethnic differences between Asian and European Americans. The second study used a bottom-up approach to look for ethnic differences. Some of the strengths and weakness of both approaches for studying perfectionism will be discussed.